Corporate Social Responsibility

“Wavespot involvement in community programs and global initiative is a crucial element of the company culture from day one and continues to date.”

—Siddharth Singh, CEO

Technology is a vehicle to create change in today’s world. Wavespot works with non profits around the world to provide our service for free to qualified programs. The non-profit community can easily benefit from social media marketing with the Wavespot Router and subscription service which is available to them on a complimentary basis.

Wavespot combines the ubiquity of Wi-Fi with the viral nature of Social Media Marketing. With this offering – churches, congregations, fund-raising organizers and other non-profit entities –can offer free Wi-Fi to their patrons when they connect using their Facebook, Twitter or other social identity. Powerful analytics available from this social media tool gives Wavespot customers insights into their members’ usage allowing them to promote their social cause, build a brand, communicate directly from the Wavespot dashboard and thereby strengthen relationship.

Social Media Marketing is an effective tool that can be leveraged not just by local merchants and big brands but also the non-profit community. The Wavespot service will allow them to raise the profile of their social initiatives by engaging with their members and staying connected from social sharing and ongoing communications