Email Manager

Signing up with Wavespot, not only gets you a Social WiFi Router and service, but access to our ready to use marketing manager. Manage all your marketing lists, create and send special emails or promotions.

Easily create emails from pre-made and customizable templates
Run completely automated campaigns with smart scheduling methods
Save time using pre-made content or receive in-house content consulting
Carrier Pigeon Email Manager
Hi everyone! It's John again telling you about our specials this week. On Monday we have our special pumpkin latte, on Tuesday we have candy cane cappuccinos, and on Friday we have John's brew.
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Pre-made Layouts

Use pre-set uplayouts for your campaigns. If you don’t have a lot of time to create professional emails, then you don’t have to. Choose from many different styles, graphics, colors, that will make your email stand out in the inbox.

Customize content to your heart’s content. Upload images & graphics to create a unique layout with your branding and messaging.

Customizable Templates

Whether you are using one of our designed templates or creating your own, you can tweak every detail to your liking before hitting send. We’ve created this part to be simple to use because we believe it doesn’t have to be complicated. You have the option after choosing or creating a template to email it out once, or multiple times with our template scheduler.

Flexible Email Lists

Upload lists and customize them to your specific criteria. Create multiple lists for different campaigns, either breaking them down or combining them to create detailed email lists for your exclusive customers.

Efficient Analytics

Your analytics for your email marketing all in one place. See how your customers are engaging with your brand online. Use our analytics to find the best way to maximize your email marketing.

Automated campaigns

No need to spend hundreds of dollars balancing countless email and marketing management systems, Wavespot is a single platform with everything your business needs to market.

Seamlessly create multiple marketing lists and send emails, offers, promotions and newsletters based on customer preferences.  Target your campaign to reflect special events and go beyond traditional marketing techniques with automated messages that resonate with each visitor. Marketing is never been easier, let us prove it to you.

Coupons In Email Marketing

Designing Digital coupons need to be painless and their delivery straightforward. because business owner have more pressing things to worry about. Our multichannel marketing platform lets you easily integrate coupon campaigns and embed them into ongoing marketing.

This service is also a fantastic way to improve customer loyalty. As most consumers check their emails constantly throughout the day, being on their radar is another great way to earn customer’s loyalty and get their attention.

Extensive Content Support


Scheduled Emails

Superbowl, Christmas, Halloween, and New Years Ever are some of the best times to re engage with your customers. Use Carrier pigeon to reach back out at the right time, reward clients and remind them of what makes your business special. Our simple scheduling system lets you set up and manage campaigns easily.


Pre-made content

We know owners are busy, who has time to write new and interesting content for each event throughout the year. Leave it to the Wavespot Marketing Mavericks.

With Carrier Pigeon, businesses gets content for each special event throughout the year. We understand what has worked for thousands of businesses in your industry, just push a button and watch your loyalty build automatically.


On staff marketing consultants

Do you have a specific event you want to promote? A new special you want to share with the world? Work with us to get the word out. Wavespot Mavericks are here for your business and will work with you to create specific marketing for your brand. Let us take the headache out of marketing.