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Our built in Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is the best way to keep in touch with your customers. Use the CRM to see the activity of your business socially, use it to know your top customers, and reward them intelligently.

Manage all your social media, email, and venues on a single platform
Quickly see real time analytics to keep you up-to-date with your customers.
Launch marketing campaigns to target, find, and reward customers.

All of your social marketing on one platform

Manage all your marketing from the Wavespot platform. Switch between various logins methods and engage with customers to build your presence on social media platforms. Various services integrate nicely with our marketing engine, providing our users a simple platform to manage multi channel marketing.

Multi Venue Capable
Wavespot organizes and manages deployments across multiple locations. CRM software can be used to delegate various WS features to multiple stakeholders. Multi Venue management features are a great fit for large regional and national brands where members of IT, marketing and advertising all have a vested interest in location specific services. Simplify large network deployments and multi channel marketing by using one software solution.

Real time & indepth analytics

Our deep analytics shows fan/follower growth and unique impressions you have received with the Wavespot WIFI service and the level of client engagement on premise. Visually gauge the growth in your customer base and keep track of how relevant you are to your fans. Let us help you go beyond Merge social with technical analytics by measuring bandwidth consumption, monitoring quality of service, device usage, deep customer profile and statistics. Summary reports and exportable data is available for continuous monitoring and management.

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Day to day breakdowns

With Wavespot’s turn key service, businesses get a snapshot of their day to day online and instore activity. Filter around events & visitors to measure social pulse, increase in business. Track ROI for your venue with our POS integrations in large and small environments.


Intelligent Alerts

Recognize actionable events and automate alerts. Analyze shopper patterns to enrich your marketing campaigns and merge per store analytics with online marketing. Create a memorable experience for a customer’s special day or keep on top of your loyalty device’s health when you are off site.


Accurate Conversion Rates

Wavespot measures foot traffic to accurately show street to store conversion rate. By overlaying marketing campaigns and online indicators its simple to understand why your customers visit. Wavespot’s intelligent CRM tool incorporates these insights and more to automate online & in-store programs that are unique to each business.


  • Fan growth & change

  • Customer Demographics

  • Impressions

  • Top Influencers

  • Level of engagement

  • In store triggered events


  • How best to reward your customers

  • What offers are getting the most attention

  • Methods your customers are using to connect

  • Best methods to automate marketing

  • How to make your brand viral

  • How to automate on premise engagement

Manage full fledged marketing campaigns

Target an audience

Wavespot CRM gives brands the opportunity to see real world impact of online campaigns.

Segmented and targeted marketing promotes real time customer advocacy that businesses can leverage to enhance brand recognition. Rich analytics provide insight into customer activity, level of engagement and the social ripple effect. Wavespot’s intelligent marketing platform highlights offers that resonate with your customer base while our analytics platform benchmarks competing campaigns and marketing messages.


Find your best customers

The Social CRM tool provides insight into your customer pool both on premise and online. Our cloud software guages customers sentiment towards your brand by overlaying your progress on various social platforms and the success of your campaigns. Measure per user involvement in your social community and uniquely rewards clients that go above and beyond to promote your business.

Reward them instantly

With customers returning to your business frequently and sharing your brand through social media, we make it easy to automate rewards with the Wavespot loyalty program. We think your most loyal and social customers deserve a little extra, we help you reach them effortlessly.

Wavespot identifies your top customers, measures how actively clients are promoting your brand and how many new customers your business attracted. Let us do the heavy lifting, by leveraging social word of mouth, loyalty is now easier than ever.

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