Social Listening Feed

Business owners and marketing departments struggle to manage customer reviews on major platforms across the web.  Wavespot keeps its ear to the ground 24/7. Our social listening platform provides you a real-time look at every review.

Use our review and comment aggregator to gauge opinion
Receive alerts on negative reviews so you can take immediate action
Interact all over the internet by responding to customer comments

See all your reviews and comments together

The buzz online can sometimes be overwhelming, Wavespot sifts through the noise to help businesses make the best use of their time and resources. Customer feedback analytics and Wavespot proprietary algorithms help target, qualify and bridge online conversation with in store activity.


Receive review alerts

In this connected world, keeping on top of new content reviews and suggestions can be a full time job. With so many review platforms it takes hours to scroll through and to respond to them. Even more importantly, negative reviews can lose you business before you even see them. With Wavespot you can be on top of customer suggestions and take proactive steps to address concerns before they cost you business.



Provide internet wide interaction

Get involved. Don’t just listen but react as well. Our streamlined platform lets you engage and build an extraordinary customer experience across the internet. Resonate with your brand champions, gauge social trends and watch the benefits of multi-channel marketing and monitoring.