Smart Offers

Wavespot Marketing Router can provide real time digital coupons to your instore customers and all their friends on social networks. These social coupons are a great way to drive more revenue for your business while showcasing your brand online. Use this special feature to tighten your existing relationships & to start building new ones.

Make offers easily and have them out to customers in minutes
Pick from pre-made designs or completely customize your offers
Keep current with special event scheduling and useful analytics

Wavespot’s customer to customer rewards loop

A customer walks into your place of business and accesses your free WiFi

He or she logs in with an email or social network like Twitter or Facebook

They claim any offers you have set for them

Your customers share the coupon to their friends on social networks

Your customer’s online friends claim the offer & reshare it

Your business gets new customers without having to touch anything

Market from customer to customer

Automate digital coupons to your clients. The Wavespot marketing engine makes it easy for you to design coupons with your business’s look and feel. Schedule these to go out on special occasions, on a daily basis, or whenever a customer walks in the door. Our easy to use system lets you reward loyal customers and let them share coupons with their entire social network, bringing you more customers.

Offers Designed for You

Have trouble coming up with the perfect coupon design and message? Don’t worry, everyone has writer’s block from time to time. Check out Wavespot University or work with Wavespot Mavericks to automate the coupons and messaging. Wavespot knows what works in your industry and we will recommend the best course of action.

Social Check-ins

Businesses are unique, their branding is no exception. Just like offers, connected customers can share customized social messages online recommending brands to their friends and followers. Stand above the crowd by promoting special events and check-ins over your WiFi. Keep messaging fresh by talking about current events, upcoming activities or your business’s involvement in the local community.

  • Scheduling Made Easy

  • Promote Special & Events

  • Highlight loyalty Programs to New Customers


Track your Growth

Watch the ripple effect and measure how offers & checkins bring in new clients. Wavespot’s smart analytics platform leverages predictive analytics to highlight the best methodology to convert in store visitors into ongoing fans. Follow the breadcrumbs and watch how location specific couponing is making a change for brands.