We want to get to know you. Wavespot works closely with individual businesses as well as large retail groups. We make sure a Wavespot solution is tailored to each business’s needs, and our technology is one of the most cost effective social media tools on the market. Whether you are just starting off or are already a social media maven, Wavespot’s social media enabled WiFi can help you multiply the effect of your online campaigns and find new ways to drive revenue to your business.

Wavespot for Local Business

Wavespot provides a full social media solution for single locations. Businesses can consolidate their social media initiatives in one place and with our social CRM, can reach out and connect with their customers.

Our fully managed WiFi solution makes the process simple and affordable. Our network operations center remotely provides 24×7 support to all our clients and our technology allows us to update and remotely monitor your WiFi. This way you can rest assured that your customers are receiving the best quality of service.

Wavespot for Retail

If you are a marketer for a large network, your business requires a coherent social media strategy over multiple locations. We provide a solution that is not only on the leading edge of social media services but is based in our state of the art 802.11n technology. We have worked closely with technical and marketing teams from various companies and understand the requirements for large network deployments.

In addition to offering free WiFi, our c2c marketing platform can be used to offer deals to customer’s facebook friends, seamlessly promoting your brand and rewarding your valuable customers. Check out our new c2c marketing feature, it will change the way you look at social media strategy for businesses.

  • Restaurants
  • Car Wash
  • Beauty Salons
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Hotel Operators
  • Spa and Health Clubs
  • Non-Profit