Auto Service Centers

Connect in the waiting room

Wavespot is a perfect addition to your waiting room, allowing your customers to spend their time watching videos, listening to music or catching up on work while you have the opportunity to devote all the time you need to deliver great service. When customers connect to your WiFi you can have them Like your Facebook fan page or follow you on Twitter. Do you have a special car wash offer you want to share with your customers? No problem, simply provide digitals coupon over the WiFi that customers will want to grab and share with their friends and followers.

Respond to your customers

In addition, you have access to a powerful suite of tools such as Social CRM in order to quantify your growth and nurture your relationships, 24/7 monitoring of your internet connection, bandwidth allocation, automatic directory updating on all of the major review sites plus much, much more. See what your customers are saying about you online so that you can make your service the best it can be. With most units paying for themselves in a matter of days, investing in a Wavespot system could be one of the cheapest and smartest marketing decisions you will make all year.

Email customers intelligently

Have a new location that you want to promote and want to get in contact with your customers? You can easily email out to all your customers with our preset templates. It takes no time and already has content provided. Show your appreciation for your customers with rewarding them with birthday discounts.

Provide more than entertainment

With Wavespot’s Social Media enabled router, your service center becomes an entertainment hotspot and a marketing medium. You can keep your customers entertained, while getting Facebook fans in exchange for your WiFi! Wavespot provides profound market-intelligence, and you can create offers best catered to your customers!