Event Organizers

Wavespot can become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Whether you are a promoter managing multiple events in different locations or an event organizer responsible for a single location, Wavespot can help you grow your database and increase attendees all by offering free Wifi.

Solid connections & mobile hotspots

Attendees are now more than ever dependent on a solid connection at events to be able to tweet, check-in and post their photos and videos, yet most are faced with dodgy cell phone reception. Now you can offer stable WiFi to everyone at your event. Having an event outside without an internet line. Don’t worry, you can pair up the Wavespot router with a 4G modem and can instantly create a WiFi hotspot anywhere you go.

Easily connect after events

Once you have people connect to your WiFi, have them like your Facebook fanpage or follow you on Twitter. Now that they have connected, you can easily email them and have them register for your next event. Have a lot of events planned for the year? Make marketing easy by scheduling your emails to go out before each event.

Analyze how attendees liked your event

Additionally, you can benefit from the powerful analytical and promotional tools built into Wavespot such a Social CRM, bandwidth allocation, top influencer identification, social notifications and much more. With Wavespot, you can see what people are saying about events, use this feedback to make them even better next time. Engage with sponsors to promote brands over your WiFi. Wavespot is perfect for Concert Venues, Wedding Halls, Convention Centers, Clubs, Bars, Food Trucks or any place big or small where something interesting is going on! Come see what all the hype is about, try Wavespot today.