Food Trucks

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Reach out to new customers

Have a happening spot and want more people to get connected with your food truck? If yes, then Wavespot is your answer. We offer the Wavespot Social WiFi router so that your customers can connect to your WiFi and then like or follow your business on Facebook and Twitter. Let your customers share their fun experience online with their friends. Have a new tasty platter that you want your customers to try out? Share a coupon with them when they log in and have them share it with their friends on Facebook. It has never been easier to connect your customers to your social network.

Make WiFi completely mobile

Providing WiFi to your customers is easy no matter where you are. If you do not have an internet line, simply attach a 4G modem to your Wavespot router. Then it will create a mobile hotspot you can take anywhere. You do not need to worry about security. The Wavespot router creates a private network for you and your employees and a separate public network for your customers. Your customers will not have access to any sensitive data on your private network. Just relax and Wavespot will get you online in no time.

Stay in touch with customers

Need to contact customers who have connected to your WiFi? Simply use our easy-to-use email manager with built-in templates and content to get in touch with them. If you already have your calendar planned out with special events at your food truck, use scheduled emails to notify them automatically before the date.  If you have multiple food trucks, you can promote all of them by having rotational fan pages so that you can spread the likes among multiple fan pages. Show your appreciation for your customers by giving them birthday rewards and encourage them to celebrate their big day at your food truck with their friends. Reaching out is as simple as can be.

Manage everything efficiently

In addition, you have access to a powerful suite of analytical and promotional tools built into Wavespot such as the Social CRM to track business growth and online presence. You can see what guests are saying about you so you can improve their experience at your food truck. Use advanced tools so that you can allocate bandwidth to limit data usage, and have automatic updates of your information on the myriad of online review sites. So why give away free WiFi and get nothing back when you can provide free WiFi and see visitors lining up outside your truck.