Get people interested

Get friends and families connected to your wifi with the Wavespot Social WiFi Router. Have them like or follow your park on Facebook and Twitter and grow your fanbase. When you are having a great sunny day, show the beautiful pictures on your Facebook page for all your new fans to see. Better yet, let people in your park share for themselves with all their friends.

WiFi anywhere for anyone

Want to add wifi to those hard-to-reach spots? Simply use a 4G modem and plug it into the Wavespot and you will be good to go. It will create a mobile hotspot that you can take anywhere in the park that has cell service. Or if you have an internet line and want to support a large amount of users, you could use the Wavespot Enterprise Networking Router. Already have some network infrastructure but want our solution? Just use our software and integrate it into your network so that you do not need to buy any more hardware.

Stay connected with guests

Want to reach out to all those picnic-goers who came by last month and tell them about your special barbecue event? No problem, use our easy-to-use email manager with built-in templates and content to connect with them in no time. Use rotational Facebook fanpages for the different seasons to organize your winter and summers events. Wish your guests a happy birthday and have them coming back to celebrate barbecuing with their friends. Have your calendar scheduled already way in advanced? Set up scheduled emails that you arrange to go out before each event so that you never have to think about it again. Reaching out to guests has never been easier.

Manage and analyze efficiently

In addition, you have access to a powerful suite of analytical and promotional tools built into our customer relations manager to track growth and online presence. You can see what guests are saying about you so you can improve their experience outdoors. Use advanced tools so that you can allocate bandwidth to limit data usage, and have automatic updates of your information on the myriad of online review sites. So why give away free WiFi and get nothing back when you can provide free WiFi and see visitor lines going out the gate!