Recreational Facilities

Expand membership

Have a fun workout studio but need to get more people connected with your business? The Wavespot Social WiFi Router is the solution for you. Get your customers connected to your WiFi and then get in touch with them and all of their friends. See all the growth with our own customer relationship manager so you can keep track of how many gym-goers are coming in. Our solution will make your studio the go-to place and will boost your membership registration numbers .

Encourage attendance

Get your customers connected to your wifi so that they can like or follow you on Facebook and Twitter. They can share their workouts with their friends and encourage their friends get off the couch to your facility. Do you have a class or membership discount you want to give to your customers? No problem, share a redeemable coupon with them when they log in and have them share it with all their friends on Facebook.

Use emails to extend reach

Interested in getting connected with your members and telling them about a new class that is starting? Simply use our email manager with built-in templates and content to reach anyone who has used your wifi. With our easy-to-use design you will be able to reach them in no time. Have special promotions already planned for throughout the year? Set up scheduled emails beforehand so you can build out the emails and not have to worry about it for the rest of the year. Show your appreciation to your members and help celebrate their big day by sending birthday rewards to your customers. Reaching out to your customers is quick and easy with Wavespot.

Manage everything on one platform

Additionally, you can benefit from the powerful analytical and promotional tools built into the Wavespot social CRM like bandwidth allocation, a custom deals platform to give you the ability to offer social and time specific deals to increase word-of-mouth sharing, Social Notifications plus much more. With Wavespot, you can see what people are saying about events, use this feedback to make them even better next time. Engage with sponsors to promote brands over your WiFi. Come see what all the hype is about, try Wavespot today.