Restaurant Owners

Made for you

Wavespot was created with the needs of cafe, the restaurant owners and managers in mind. Free WiFi is something that most of you already provide to your guests, but what is the benefit to you? Wavespot can answer that question.
Your WiFi can be your loyalty device. Smartphones/laptops/tablets are all WiFi capable. Wavespot lets any customer become a part of your loyalty- no downloads or apps required. Restaurants see thousands of new customers join their automated loyalty program in less than a year.

New customers through social WiFi

Customers enjoy free offers, specials and of course free internet for checking their mail and streaming video. When customers access Free WiFi, they can choose to like your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter and build your brand presence online. Have a great new dish you want to share? Offer coupons to promote your creation. Customers can redeem these coupons and promote them to their friends on social platforms.

Connect with customers after they leave

With Wavespot, it is really easy to connect with your customers once have they used your WiFi. Do you have a special happy hour that you want to remind your customers about? No problem. You can easily email out all your customers with our built in email templates. Schedule them to go out weekly to bring in all your customers for your happy hours or engage with your customer to promote that once a season event. For seasonal menus and updates, tell your customers about your changing menu with the automated email manager. Bring your customers back in for their birthday with all their friends and give them a friendly birthday discount.

Everything you need to market efficiently

In addition to “likeable” WiFi you have access to a host of tools like real time analytics, 24/7 monitoring to alert you if the internet is down, custom offers, bandwidth allocation plus much more. Use Wavespot to see what customers have said about your business, make your restaurant the best it can be by listening to your customers. Additionally, Wavespot is capable of automatically monitoring your business profiles across the myriad of online review sites to provide the most up-to-date, accurate information to all of your potential customers. With all of this it’s no wonder why so many business owners have decided to let Wavespot augment their marketing campaigns.