Expand your customer base

Looking to expand your business and sell more retail? Take a look at the Wavespot Social WiFi Router. You can get your customers connected to your wifi and get in touch with them and their friends. See your growth on the Social CRM so you and track all your customers coming in. Our solution with make your shop the hottest spot in town.

Promote offers and sales

Get your customers connected to your wifi and have them like or follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Want to promote a sale of one of your goods? No problem, share a redeemable coupon with your customers and have them share with their friends on Facebook. Have your customers check in and share with friends what fun products they are buying from your store.

Use emails to stay in touch

Want to get in touch with everyone who has connected with your wifi? Easily send them emails with our email manager with built in templates and content. Remind them of special events happening at the store. Show your appreciation for your customers support with birthday rewards and bring them back in. Have a set of promotions already set at the beginning of the year you want to advertise for later? Set up scheduled emails that can go out right before the promotions and then you don’t have to worry about those emails for the rest of the year. With our solution there is no excuse not to connect with your customers.

View and manage everything

In addition, you have access to a powerful suite of tools such as Social CRM in order to quantify your growth and nurture your relationships, 24/7 monitoring of your internet connection, bandwidth allocation, automatic directory updating on all of the major review sites plus much, much more. See what your customers are saying about you online so that you can make your store the best it can be. With most units paying for themselves in a matter of days, investing in a Wavespot system could be one of the cheapest and smartest marketing decisions you will make all year.