Send offers to your clients friends

When a customer attempts to sign on to your WiFi network, they will be asked to “Like” your page on Facebook or “Follow” your account on Twitter. Do you have special promotion on a massage? You can easily share redeemable coupons with your customers that they can share with their friends on Facebook. In this, not only are you able to target customers who have visited your location but by using your WiFi network, these customers have advertised your business to their entire social network.

Send smart emails

Are you trying to contact your customers to tell them about a special event or promotion going on. With Wavespot it is easy to email them after they have connect with your WiFi. Simply use the pre-built templates and send out emails to everyone who has ever connected. If you already know about promotions well in advance, set up scheduled emails that will automatically go out when the time comes. Show your appreciation for your customers by giving them birthday rewards that will make them wanting to come back to celebrate.

Control and analyze everything

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the powerful suite of promotional and analytical tools to further leverage social media in your favor to track business growth and online presence as well as the ability identify your top influencers, a custom deals platform to give you the ability to offer social and time specific deals to increase word-of-mouth sharing, bandwidth allocation to limit data usage, and even the capability to automatically update your information accurately on the myriad of online review sites. Also, check to see what people are saying about your business so you can see how to make it the best business it can be.