Sporting Arenas

Connect to fans in stadium

Have a sports stadium and want all yours fans to get connected to you? Then you need the Wavespot Social WiFi Router. Get your fans connected to WiFi in exchange for liking you on Facebook or following you on Twitter. Let them share their experiences at the game with photos, videos,  status updates, and checkins. Want to promote ticket sales for a game next week? Offer them a coupon that they can redeem and share with their friends on Facebook. Have different events at your stadium in the offseason? Use the rotational fan page so that every event can get connected with their fans. Connecting your customers to your business is easy with the Wavespot Social WiFi Router.

Use with existing hardware

Get thousands of people connected to your WiFi network. Don’t have the established infrastructure? No problem, use our enterprise networking unit to get all your sports fans online. If you already have all your networking equipment then you can simply use our software with no hassle. There are no excuses to get all your fans connected to you and ready to have a good time supporting your team.

Schedule emails and offers

Need to advertise your 4th of July event at the ballpark? Simply send out emails with our easy-to-use email manager. Use the pre-built templates with content already added to get out your emails in a hurry. Show your fans your appreciation by giving birthday rewards so they come in with all their friends to celebrate their big day. Set up scheduled emails ahead of time reminding everyone of the next game so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Manage and analyze efficiently

Additionally, you can benefit from the powerful analytical and promotional tools built into Wavespot such the Social CRM, bandwidth allocation, a custom deals platform to give you the ability to offer social and time specific deals to increase word-of-mouth sharing, Social Notifications plus much more. With Wavespot, you can see what people are saying about events, use this feedback to make them even better next time. Engage with sponsors to promote brands over your WiFi. Come see what all the hype is about, try Wavespot today.