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Social Media Partners

The need for social media marketing and WiFi service is global. Since its launch, Wavespot has seen a profound interest for our services from local partners all over the world.

The most comprehensive way to join wifi and marketing

The Wavespot solution is a great way to enhance current social media and marketing campaigns for clients. Marketers looking to provide a coherent marketing solution for their clients find that Wavespot fits in nicely with their existing product offering. Wavespot has become an easy way to bridge social networks and location based services seamlessly.

Competitive Partnerships and Affiliates

We love to partner with agencies, consultants and generally people excited to work with us. We think that a successful partnership should benefit all parties involved and we do our best to develop lasting relations. Wavespot is a global company with partners all over the world. We offer competitive partnership and affiliate programs to qualified candidates and we encourage interested parties to reach out to us.


Our Agency partners work with regional and national brands, managing the image of a business online and off. Wavespot is a natural extension to traditional media spend and connects the dots between online marketing efforts and in store footfall.

Real Time Analytics

The Wavespot team works with our agency partners and provides them a real time assessment of their campaigns and the sales they are bringing businesses. By analyzing c2c marketing, increase in revenue and online marketing ROI, businesses can start to bridge the gap between brick and mortar stores and their marketing efforts.

How Does it Work?

Agencies can collaborate with brands and Wavespot technology advisors to address feedback from in store customers, target special offers based on instore demographics and automate marketing. Get it touch with a wavespot sales representative today for a free demo of our solution.


Wavespot partners with IT resellers, distributors and service providers all over the world to provide social WiFi to end customers. Our experienced technical and product support teams work closely with our partners to incorporate suggestions, feature request and product enhancements.

As a recognized leader in social WiFi and marketing automation services, Wavespot follows a vendor agnostic approach that allows various channel partners to utilize our software service while deploying a WiFi device of their choosing. For more details check out our Solution Partners page.

  • Partner Benefits

  • Recurring Revenue

  • High Margins

  • Partnership Support

  • Dedicated Account Management

  • Branded Marketing Collateral

  • Wavespot University for Partners

  • Value Added Solution

  • Managed Service Loyalty

  • Access to Technical Staff for Innovation

Interested in learning more? Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a Wavespot enterprise sales representative.

Social Media Consultant

Our Consultants work with local businesses to help map out strategy, media spend and manage various marketing channels. Consultants understand that businesses today need a single platform that can provide a complete view of a business’ growth.

All-in-One Service

Wavespot integrate social & marketing automation tools to help businesses connect with instore customers, all in a simple streamlined fashion. Our social media tools integrate analytics, marketing, outreach and listening- A single platform to manage it all, a new tool for an ever evolving industry.

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