Our software launched in 2004, but our story started four years earlier. Formed by Ben Richardson and David Greiner in their last year of university, our original focus was on web design. As time passed and the business grew, more clients were approaching us to manage their web site and email marketing. That’s when things got interesting.

We built it for ourselves

There were a number of tools on the market to manage email campaigns, but none really stacked up. Either the interface made your eyes bleed, you were forced to use their ugly templates or you needed a separate account for each client. After trying everything under the sun and coming up empty, we saw an opportunity.

In early 2004 we decided to cut back on client work for a few months and started building Campaign Monitor on the side. We built it for ourselves, knowing there had to be other designers who shared our pain.

Where we are today

Today more than 800,000 designers, agencies and amazing companies of all shapes and sizes rely on Campaign Monitor to manage their email marketing. On any given week, we’re lucky enough to add more than 5,000 new customers to this list.

While we continue to add more features and refine the experience, our goal hasn’t changed since day one — to make it easy for anyone to send beautiful email newsletters to their audience.