We want to say Kounta is the POS of tomorrow, but the truth is it’s available right now—and powering thousands of businesses in Australia and the rest of the world. Kounta takes a unique approach to POS; it doesn’t try to be all things to all businesses. Rather, it only tries to be one thing: a fully customisable, endlessly scalable point of sale ready to adapt to any need. The key word there is “adapt.”

See, even though we’ve got the most and best features for hospitality out of any cloud-based POS, we didn’t want to cram a whole mess of them into the software all at once. That’s confusing for the user, especially the ones who might not need such advanced features. We just didn’t want to play favorites with, say, quick-serve restaurants over upscale dining establishments. Both need a method of putting their menu onto some kind of appliance for ringing up sales, and both benefit from having secure payments, reporting, customer databases, and basic inventory counting built in. But not everyone needs a dining room layout, or the ability to tie recipes to menu items and inventory. Not all restaurants require production printers at different prep stations to streamline operations And while both could benefit from a customer loyalty program, there’s no need to weigh down our software with one when a company like Wavespot can integrate with us and do a fine job of it.

You built your business the way you wanted it; you ought to be able to do the same with your POS. Try out Kounta and to see how it will work for you.