Social QR Codes

QR code or Quick Response codes are matrix barcodes that can be used to interact with customers while they are on premise. With the proliferation of smart phones, customers now have access to built in QR scanners.

When customers scan the code using their smart phones, they will be redirected to your business’s Facebook Fan page or twitter handle. Once a customer interacts with your online presence, the two-way digital communication between your brand and your audience begins!

Accessing your QR code

Wavespot provides social QR codes as part of our marketing hub. Preconfigured social QR codes can be printed directly from the CRM by going to the Generate QR code section. To make a QR code more interactive we suggest the following:

  • Write a marketing message next to your QR code

  • Add Logos/concept graphics

  • Configure the QR code page to model the look and feel of your business.