Email template design

The design for your emails can vary depending on a number of factors including your target audience and the type of business you operate.  Our experience with email marketing has led us to compile some overarching principles that should be reviewed before sending out any outbound offer/special/message.

Layout design:

This is the framework for your messaging, its been shown that a more interactive layout leads to higher click through rates and sales. There are a few elements of layout design that a first time marketer needs to focus on:

  • Keep a balanced layout: Incorporate a few images into the email while keeping a focus on your messaging

  • Don’t use overly complicated jargon. Customers have limited time and will only glance at email offers. Make sure you grab their attention with a great subject line and exciting content.

  • Don’t embed pictures into your email templates. Embedded pictures have a higher probability of getting caught my email filters and can reduce your click through rates.

  • Integrate Social Media: These days brands have to be social. Make sure you integrate FB share, G+, Twitter follow and Linkedin buttons on your templates. This helps close the loop between email and social media marketing, giving your business the best of both worlds.

  • Animations are a great way to make your emails dynamic and interactive. A well-targeted quality animation can go viral on social networks and really promote your brand organically.

Wavespot Email Templates

Our template directory includes designs that have worked for our clients in the past. We bring a simple drag and drop nature to customizing these templates that allows our customers to create, save and experiment with beautifully designed emails.



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Celebrating a national holiday? Sending out Christmas or Hanukkah offers? No problem, Wavespot also provides fantastic templates for every occasion.

Provide a rich HTML text and a simple email template

Customers expect both a rich text and a plain text version of emails. Depending on the device used by your customer, rich text email might not open correctly or lead to a bad user experience. Always provide an email where your customers can switch between simple and rich HTML texts.

SPAM Filters

After all the work you put into designing your email, wouldn’t it be terrible if those pesky SPAM filters unknowingly filtered out your emails? To fix this issue, a business needs to make sure they have the correct authentication infrastructure, a registered domain and IP. Who has the time to do all that? Wavespot understands, and we took steps to make sure your business is completely covered.