Getting Started with Wavespot

Wavespot Best Practices

Are you new? Just received your Wavespot and want to know learn how you can make the most of it?

Great! Let our experts show you have methods and strategies work best to get the attention of your customer. The best practices section below will teach restaurant owners, marketers and partners how best to leverage Wavespot to provide the maximum value.

Social Media Marketing made Simple with Wavespot

Reach out to your customers by building your Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign using Wavespot’s Customer to Customer (C2C) marketing platform and Campaign Editor. We promise, it’s easy to use!

Wavespot also provides a suite of social media tools to understand customers and get them to share about your brand with all their social connection.

Email marketing made simple with Wavespot

Wavespot provides owners and marketers a simple way to connect with their customers via email.

Customers can get free WiFi when they login with their verified email address. Now that you know who these customers are, lets look at some ways to automate marketing and outreach to them.

Wavespot also integrates with great mail services like Mailchimp to streamline the outreach process. To learn more about how to integrate your email managers with Wavespot click here

If you don’t happen to have a mailing service, Wavespot’s email database can be exported t as a CSV file.