In-store guide to train your team

Every member of your staff is your brand ambassador. As the face of your business, they will be responsible for establishing client relationships and helping to promote new in-store marketing technologies like Wavespot. To train your staff, we put together a few FAQs that will streamline the process.

What is Wavespot?

Great new way to provide free social WiFi and offers to your customers. Customers can sign into free WiFi via a variety of secure platforms: Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Additionally, Wavespot is a great way for businesses to reward loyal and fantastic customer once they are off premise, through email and social media marketing.

How it Works

  • Customers look for the business SSID (WiFi signal), connect via their laptops, smart phone or iPads.

  • Customers are greeted with a custom splash page with all login options built in.

  • Customers can like a business/follow on twitter etc all in one place

  • Business can also provide free offers and specials through the WiFi as an added incentive. To learn more check out our C2C marketing section

After the WiFi

  • Customers can become members of the business’s loyalty program. Business can provide great offers through the marketing emails.

  • Customers can instantly share fantastic offers with all their friends on Facebook. Everybody loves a great deal!

  • Customers get specialized messages 1 week before their birthdays. Add a offer to make their special day even more memorable

  • Is it a customer’s anniversary this week? Great, you can configure a fantastic offer that will remind them about your business and get them to come back in.

How does this benefit my staff

  • Any business’s best resource is always its staff. To promote a new in store technology like Wavespot, make sure you train your staff on how Wavespot works and ask them to talk about it with every new customer that walks through your door!

  • Great offers, social media broadcasts, checkins/likes/follows are great ways to bring more people through your doors. The more traffic, the better the sales and that means more tips!

  • Keep your customers up to speed on new dishes, happy hour specials and annual events.

  • A business can create ongoing communications with their customers through social media. Social Media can help a business stand out of the crowd and share what’s unique about their offering. Your staff is an important part of creating that unique business setting and their contributions in turn should be recognized on these online networks.

  • Wavespot helps your staff recognize and reward your top influencers and repeat customers.

  • Wavespot Offers Network combined with email outreach can bring in more customers during slow periods, making sales more consistent. Even if customers don’t come in immediately after you run a campaign, social media and email offers can be that gentle reminder of your fantastic cuisine, your friendly staff or your inviting atmosphere. Once your business has made a unique impression on your customers, rest assured they’ll be back!

Email marketing made simple with Wavespot

Wavespot provides owners and marketers a simple way to connect with their customers via email.

Customers can get free WiFi when they login with their verified email address. Now that you know who these customers are, lets look at some ways to automate marketing and outreach to them.

Wavespot also integrates with great mail services like Mailchimp to streamline the outreach process. To learn more about how to integrate your email managers with Wavespot click here

If you don’t happen to have a mailing service, Wavespot’s email database can be exported t as a CSV file.