Using Wavespot on site

The age of the smartphone is here! In fact in 2013 51% of all digital purchases will be done through a mobile device. Today’s customer recognizes that the smartphone is the main vehicle to not only connects with a store’s digital footprint but its physical one as well. Wavespot suggest a few simple strategies to make the in store experience interactive:

  • Provide a Login experience that benefits both the customer and the business. Configure your splash page to provide both Social and Optional Logins to make the most of the WS solution.

  • Post signage: Attract new customer by putting up the complementary window decals and tabletops that come with your Wavespot purchase.

  • Use Wavespot CRM to automate social checkins, streamline marketing on social networks and through the WiFi. All this in one place, all at a push of a button.

  • Train your staff to promote free social WiFi (And maybe even Offers!)

  • Make a note on your website and social networks. A short plug goes a long way towards letting your customer know you have great new amenity at your store!

Contests to get more Logins!

Free WiFi is a great incentive to get customers to login and join your loyalty program. Wavespot does however provide some excellent added incentives to help your loyalty uptake and ways for you to connect with your customers:

  1. Leverage C2C Marketing:

    Customer to customer marketing is not just good for your business; it rewards your customers and their friends when they become your brand champions. When you set up digital offers over the WiFi or through automated email marketing platforms, your customers will jump at the chance to connect with you.

    Just some friendly advice:

    Create offers by following the Design a Social and Digital Offer section.

  2. Come in everyday

    Ask your customers to take part in daily checkins, More checkins mean more daily offers.

  3. Connect onsite to redeem

    Emailed digital offers can have a clause that asks customers to checkin on site when they redeem. This is a great way way to keep track of your customers and have them share your brand with their friends once again.

  4. Ask customers to promote or reshare

    Ask your customers to reshare within their own networks. Wavespot can help track reshares and click through. We will let you know which of your customers is winning and helping you along the way!