Viral and Targeted Offers

Marketing offers that go viral

Marketing objectives can vary tremendously depending on the type of business you are running. The team at Wavespot has seen it all; here are some guidelines and best practices that have worked for others.

Viral Offers and Benefits

Viral offers are the best way to organically market and promote your business. Customers that like what you are providing will want to share it with their friends. You can help make an offer viral by using one or more of the strategies below:

  • Provide a social media link to share the offer at the bottom of your email

  • Ask customers to forward email offers to their friends

  • Leverage C2C marketing and schedule offers to go out to a customer and their friends on Facebook whenever a patron connects on site

  • Promote your offer on your own social media pages

Unique QR codes in Offers

Wavespot provides a platform where any offer that goes out via C2C sharing will have a unique QR code built in it. To redeem these offers in an automated fashion, Wavespot provide businesses an iPhone/Android app for your staff to scan these codes. Each scanned coupon is recorded in the CRM and can help owners keep track of customers shopping at their business.

With Wavespot platform and focus on Viral Offers:

  • See an increase in footfall

  • Increase in Social Buzz

  • An increase in shares and redemption of social offers

  • Organic referrals for your business

Targeted Offers

Depending on the number of coupons you want to share with your customer base, you might want to limit the spread of viral coupons. To do this,     carefully craft the social or email offer message to reach your target audience. By putting in clear guidelines and restrictions on your offer, you can limit its spread. Some examples of commonly used restrictions are:

  • One Time Use: This way customers cant reuse the same offer

  • Time window Offer: Can only be redeemed during a specific time of the day. A business owner can make the offer valid during the slowest period of business, thereby driving more consistent business.  

  • Limited Time Offer

  • Must be a certain age to qualify

  • Dine in or Take out only offers

  • Minimum purchase required

  • Create an expiration Date

  • Offer valid at participating locations

  • No alcohol included

  • Dine in only or Take out only


With Wavespot platform and focus on targeted offers:

  • A higher ROI

  • Predetermine the demographics and habits of your user base