What makes a good offer great

A great offer is simple, enticing and easily redeemable. Depending on your marketing goals, we suggest the following types of offers:

Happy Hour Offer

  • These are offers valid during happy hour or slow periods of business

  • Great way to bring in additional foot traffic

By One Get One Free (or half off)

  • An oldie but a goodie, people relate with this offer easily.

  • People like to share: Use this to bring in new customers and their friends.

Minimum Purchase Offer

  • This is a great way for businesses to guarantee a sale before a coupon becomes valid.

  • Example of offers: “$1 off an order of $6 or more when you buy on Friday

Membership Offers

Do you have a great loyalty program with fantastic offers for your VIPs? Great, use the Wavespot Offers Network and email drip campaigns to promote your program.
Want a customized integration? We have a full team that can help you with that too. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch!

Some great programs that Wavespot currently Integrate with:

  • Special E-club Offers

  • VIP entrance to shows/events

  • Newsletters with restaurant recipes and specials

  • Login Advertisements

  • Private Evening with Executive Chef