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 A Comprehensive & Tested Platform that offers free WiFi to your customers by having them login with their social networks. You can then offer them coupons onsite, get shared on their social networks, and follow up with them to build loyalty. Build up a loyal base of repeat customers with Wavespot.

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Generate “Followers”

Instore customers access free WIFI and rewards. With Wavespot, customers connect not just to the WiFi but to your social networks too by “liking” your business’s Facebook page or other social platforms.

Offer Rewards

Connected customers are able to access and share offers with their social community, bringing in new clients to the venue. Customers generate business for your location while reinforcing loyalty.


Analyze Everything

Wavespot can tell you about repeat customers, frequency and duration of the visit. If customers brought in friends we can automatically reward them

Bring in new customers

Provide Free WiFi to your customers and reach all their Facebook friends instantly. Your customers get access to free and secure WiFi when they log in using their Social Media accounts. We built Facebook, Twitter and other social features into a customized login.

  • Customers promote your brand

  • Increase Foot Traffic

  • Simple and Frictionless

  • Plug in installation

Manage and analyze everything in one place

Take advantage of our social CRM to monitor your growth and listen to your clients. Use Wavespot to generate lively discussions, update/announce new items or offer promotions. The tools are easy to use and our trained staff can guide you to make the most of it.

Reach out to friends and family

Customers can virally promote your brand to all their Facebook friends the moment they login to your WiFi. Customer comments gets posted on their Facebook home page so all their friends can see where they like to shop, eat, or hang out. Use the social recommendation engine with our new customer to customer marketing platform to share specials and daily deals with your customers’ Facebook friends.


Keep secure

Wavespot is a complete DSS Level 1 certified service and provides high security for our clients. DSS Level 1 is the most secure standard of PCI compliance and Wavespot’s strict security standards ensure best in class customer experience. Clients benefit from a fully secure network that protects cardholder details, and provides constant network monitoring.

Stay up to date with constant updates and support

Around the Clock Support

You can rest assured that your customers are receiving the highest quality of service possible with our 24/7 fully managed WiFi service. Stay updated on your current network activities, throttle bandwidth consumption and adjust technical parameters to meet the requirements of your clients.

Software Updates

Wavespot’s cloud managed solution makes software updates seamless. Updates are conducted at non peak hours to minimize impact on business operations and are brought to the attention of all our clients in a timely fashion.

Complimentary Webinars

Wavespot’s clients have access to educational webinars, a global NOC and the Wavespot University to keep up to date on how Wavespot’s automated features are helping brands stay on top of novel marketing strategies.